It might as well look beautiful if we have the chance to make it so.

Rachel Owens : Creative Superstar
About Me

I moved to LA in a red pickup truck from Ohio when I was 18 for design school, & here I am a decade later, enjoying the beaches, mountains, culture, & most of all… awesome clients.

I spent the first few years out of school designing CD and DVD packaging for a record company. The majority of my career has been in pre-press, studio work, & production at several LA-based Ad Agencies, but I’m always taking clients on a freelance basis. I pride myself on telling a story in my work. I like hearing the special unique history of a client’s product or service, & applying that to their materials in a simple but thoughtful way.

Let’s face it, design is in everything. It might as well look beautiful if we have that chance to make it so.

Interests: Snowboarder. Vanilla cupcake lover. German Shepherd owner. Runner. Painter. Sun-bather. Bikini admirer. Motorcyclist. Photographer. Over-analyzer. Illustrator. Cuddler. Dancer. Designer.

Professional Graphic Designer
Expert in Agency-Level Production and Studio Design

Successful most recently in building a brand for a high end luxury jewelry company,  I have the ability to creatively solve problems and communicate ideas to the target audience. Wearing many hats just comes with years of experience in the field, and I’ve done everything from sketching thumbnails in a Starbucks with a client, to sitting in on huge corporate meetings with a presentation I’ve designed on the screen for 75 people to view and understand.

Interests: Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

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I work well on flexible schedules and freelance at competitive rates.